About Flower Girl Candle Co.

Flower Girl Candle Co. is a family owned small business in Chattanooga, TN.  We opened our florist in 2009, during the heart of the financial collapse figuring if we could make it through that we could make it through anything!  And we have.  Here we are thirteen years later and now we are pouring candles in small batches by hand adn selling them successfully in our flower shop.

Since we have been in business this long and carried candles by other large manufacturers our goals were very simple: 

  • Make great smelling, long lasting candles with ingredients that are safe for family and pets.  We use soy waxes blended with other waxes.  Our fragrance oils are candle safe and if a product has an ingredient such as eucalyptus we will let you know as this essential oil can irritate some pets. 
  • Make safe candles that are well tested and include the fewest ingredients possible.  Have you ever looked at large candle manufacturers and noticed all the additives? 
  • Put our customers first and provide the best service we possibly can.
  • Make honest claims about and stand behind our products, leave the misleading claims to others.

We don't promise that our candles are all natural and you may ask why - it's really simple:  We don't use gimmicks to sell our candles.  "Natural" is a buzzword only and definitely does not apply to waxes that have all gone through the hydrogenization process (all do except beeswax) or a product that that is lit.  Fire is not a natural state so once something is lit that word can no longer apply.  But studies have shown that candles are perfectly safe since the amount of combustionable material is so small.  You can read these studies yourself to see that we are telling the truth here.

We also don't promise triple scented candles.  What is that anyway you may ask?  A long time ago the waxes that were used for candles were only able to hold about a third or so of the fragrance they can now hold.  Some candle makers would put three times as much fragrance as was allowable thus claiming triple scented.  So that term is definelty from a bygone era. Through advancements in the industry the fragrance load the waxes can handle makes this triple scented process not only unnessary but it would be very unsafe to add that much fragrance oil to a candle!

So what we do promise is a safe candle, a great smelling candle, a candle that lasts as long as possible for the size and vessel it is in, no phthalates, no parabens.


We appreciate our customers and all the positive responses to our candles and hope you will give us a try.  If you have a fragrance you would like and you don't see it listed here, let us know and we will see what we can do about that for you!

And if you have a special event and need bulk number of candles we can work on bulk pricing for you too, we can make custom orders.

Thank you for visiting our candle shop.  If you have any other questions please let us know!