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WHITE TEA & BLOOD ORANGE 6oz. White Candle Tin

WHITE TEA & BLOOD ORANGE 6oz. White Candle Tin

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Fresh juicy Blood Orange blended with aromatic white tea is citrus perfection.  Top Seller!  

This candle with white tea and blood orange fragrance is a luxurious and refreshing scent that creates a relaxing atmosphere. The combination of white tea and blood orange creates a delightful aroma that is both sweet and tangy. The fragrance is designed to fill the room with a light, airy scent that is perfect for unwinding after a long day or creating a soothing ambiance for a romantic evening.

The candle is made from high-quality ingredients, including natural soy wax blend, candle safe fragrance oils, and a lead-free cotton wick. 

Poured into a  modern white tin.  6 oz. of wax in this candle.

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